Our Team

The London Flower School is led by Wagner Kreusch, former Head Tutor at McQueens Flower School, and Helen Dyson, an experienced teacher and florist.

You will learn floristry techniques, create beautiful arrangements and be inspired to explore the world of flowers.

Wagner Kreusch

Founder & Managing Director

I grew up in Brazil, surrounded by its beautiful and diverse flora. I trained as a graphic designer, florist and artist. My interest in contemporary visual arts brought me to London, the creative capital of the world.

At McQueens, I had the chance to work with esteemed venues like Claridge’s, before becoming Head Tutor of their floristry school. Now, I have the chance to inspire a new generation of florists find their own style at the London Flower School.

Helen Dyson

Founder & CEO

I’ve worked as a teacher for most of my life. I love sharing knowledge and skills with others. Alongside my teaching, I’ve worked as a florist for many years. I’ve arranged flowers for weddings and events, collaborating with many of London’s top florists and flower designers.

But at heart, I will always be a teacher. I believe in a hands-on approach to teaching, actively involving people in their learning, and encouraging them to find their own way of doing things.

Our Philosophy

At the London Flower School, creativity comes first. Our experienced tutors teach classic floristry techniques, but are not constrained by them.

We do not believe in a single approach. Instead, we teach floristry skills across a range of different styles, because we value the freedom to explore and the passion to create.

We believe in artistry as opposed to mimicry. We give you the confidence to choose, and will inspire your creativity with the knowledge you gain.

Whether you wish to develop your professional floristry skill, or simply have a love of flowers, our courses will encourage you to think differently about floristry.


LFS location

The London Flower School is located in the heart of London close to King's Cross Station. We provide an innovative learning environment. The energy and creativity of the city is integral to our school.

We thrive on the vibrant culture that enriches our surroundings. We embrace the popular festivals and are involved in cultural events. Our school is part of this inspirational city. We welcome you to be part of it.