Welcome to the London Flower School

15 February 2017

The process of creating the London Flower School has been an exhilarating experience from day one. The concept of a floristry school that embraces the exciting and multi cultural city that surrounds it, is at the core of LFS.

We are driven by innovation, experimentation and the creative process. This passion for what we wanted to achieve was what drove everyone involved in the early stages, when all we had were sketches, the love of flowers and the desire to teach.

Our creative process begins with an understanding of the history of floristry and floral arrangements. This foundation enables us to understand contemporary practices, and nurture the curiosity and ingenuity of a new generation of florists.

Learn / Create / Inspire

From the creation of the LFS brand through all of our imagery, we have strived to push forward visuals which embrace all what floristry can be.

With the help of an exceptional creative team of designers, photographers, producers and stylists, we have sought an aesthetic that we value, and that illustrates our mission as a different type of floristry school - we teach floristry focused on inspiring students to develop their creativity, and search for their own unique style.

We are extremely grateful to the talented people who have helped us achieve our dream.

Katie Steel and the team at Supafrank, our branding guru, who has been with us from the start. She also led the talented team who worked on our photoshoot: Anna Wilkins who organised the locations and pulled together our props; Jonathan West and Angela Moore, the talented and ever so patient photographers, and the stylist Aliki Kirmitsi who brought our ideas to life on the final day. 

We welcome you to the London Flower School!