Christmas at London Flower School

7 November 2017

London Flower School invites you to do something a little different this Christmas. The visual identities of Yuletide – deep reds, snow whites, starlit skies, and winter leaves – are an inescapable part of our culture.

Now you can explore these themes through the medium of flowers with our range of festive workshops.

Each one offers you the chance to engage with tradition, and find bold new ways of seeing. They are an ideal way to break through the clichés that often accompany the season to find motifs that resonate with you personally, and create beautiful, bespoke, decorations for the home.



The LFS Signature Christmas Wreath workshop will teach you how to create a wreath that brings the flavour of traditional, Dickensian, Christmases into the modern world. You will learn how to capture the vivid colours and evocative iconography of Christmas, and express it through a contemporary perspective – the result is a bespoke decoration that has its roots in your own interpretation of the festive season.

London_flower_school_floristry_classes_workshops_learn_christmas_workshop_table_arrangement_styling_wreath_centrepiece London_flower_school_floristry_classes_workshops_learn_christmas_workshop


The LFS Signature Christmas Wreath & Table Centre workshop will teach you how to capture the magic of Christmas through the medium of flowers, letting you add a personal bespoke touch to your home this festive season.

The full day workshop begins with mentoring in the creation of our LFS Signature Christmas Wreath. In the afternoon, you will turn your focus to the creation of a long-lasting Christmas table centrepiece. Your tutor will demonstrate how to realise this impactful festive adornment, helping you to define and express your own vision of the season through a range of flowers and natural materials.

London_flower_school_floristry_classes_workshops_learn_christmas_workshop_table_arrangement_styling London_flower_school_floristry_classes_workshops_learn_christmas_workshop_table_arrangement_styling2


Few parts of the home are as central to Christmas as the table, where families gather to share their traditional yuletide feast. The Centrepiece & Christmas Table Styling Masterclass is a one-day experience dedicated to dressing your table for the festivities, teaching you to enliven it with one of two distinctive styles.

The practical nature of these exercises will help to impart a larger lesson in floristry: how to create a distinctive mood that goes beyond flowers, and includes an entire table setting, replete with festive props, cutlery, table linen and other decorative elements.