Toro Vase

Toro Vase

Vessel by Noe Kuremoto

Tōrō vase is inspired by traditional stone lanterns in Noe Kuremoto's hometown in Japan.

Tōrō were traditionally hand-made out of mountain rocks by Japanese stone masters using fine craftsmanship. They were originally used to line and illuminate paths in Buddhist temples in order that offerings could be served to Buddha.

Tōrō represents the five elements of Buddhist cosmology. The segments express the idea that human bodies will go back to their original, elemental form after death.

This playful interpretation of Tōrō in the form of a single flower vase - an ‘Ichirin Zashi’, invites the spirit of nature into people’s homes in the simplest form possible. It’s representative of Noe's desire to make a deeper connection in a world that can often feel shallow.

“The single vase comes from my deep ocean of childhood memories, I hope every piece I make helps my son to see the world as a beautiful place.”

Noe Kuremoto


Noe Kuremoto was born in Osaka Japan, and graduated in Fine Art with First Class Honours from Central Saint Martins College of Art. She works and lives in London with her family, including sausage dog Lassie.

Height: 32.5cm, Width: 24.5cm, Depth: 6.5cm

Stoneware, finished with a matt frost white glaze

Handmade in London

As with any handcrafted object, please handle with love and care. Hand wash only.