Spring Growth Gigante

Spring Growth Gigante

Gouache Painting by Nicholas Di Genova

This gouache painting explores the Green Man motif, a humanoid face adorned with leaves and flowers that was a popular architectural feature in the 30’s and 40’s.

In a time of rising temperatures and ever worsening tropical storms, the Green Man reminds Nicholas of our reliance on and union with nature, a symbol of how closely the fate of our planet and our own fates are linked.

Nicholas started this body of work in 2017 during a difficult period of his life. These pieces are his way of addressing loss and frailty, but also hope and rebirth, at both a personal and universal level.


Nicholas Di Genova is a Toronto based artist specialising in ink and animation paints. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005. Influence from anime, comic books and Otaku culture can be seen in Nicholas' intricate line drawn works.

His works have been exhibited in LE Gallery in Toronto, Fredericks & Freiser in NYC and Gallery 500 in Florida. He has also been featured in renowned international press such as NOW Magazine and The New York Times.

8” x 10”

Gouache on cold-pressed watercolour paper

Signed by the artist.