520 Plants I Drew Between April 21 and July 4

520 Plants I Drew Between April 21 and July 4

Ink on Paper by Nicholas Di Genova

Nicholas Di Genova started this grid drawing series during a difficult period of his life. He would take breaks, go out with a gridded piece of paper and document the plant life in the area of wherever he was. It turned into a meditative practice for him, and he still maintains a daily routine of drawing plants he encounters.

''I live in a very urbanized area in downtown Toronto, but they are a way for me to stop along my walks and connect to nature on a very small and personal level. Although they are a bit less 'flashy' than some of my other work, these grids are the work that brings me the most satisfaction, I find the process of stopping to document the flora around me very mentally beneficial and I rely on it in a weird way to keep me feeling grounded. Over the years the process has become a bit of a daily meditation, a mindfulness practice that I can’t go without.''

Nicholas Di Genova


Nicholas Di Genova is a Toronto based artist. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005. Influence from comic books, Otaku culture, and the natural world can be seen in Nicholas' intricate line drawn works and large scale oil paintings.

His works have been exhibited at Wil Kucey Gallery in Toronto, and Fredericks & Freiser and the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC. He has also been featured in renowned international press such as Art Forum, Juxtapoz Magazine, and The New York Times.

11” x 14”

Ink on drawing paper

Signed by the artist.