Kodama III

Kodama III

Vessel by Noe Kuremoto

Kodama (木霊, 木魂 or 木魅) are spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit the trees. They roam about the deep mountain forests at will and are believed to guide lost souls out of darkness. Noe Kuremoto projects her childhood memory and belief in Kodama spirits onto the playful form of ceramic sculptures.

Sharing mutual respect for nature, Noe designed the Kodama series for floral artists to use as a canvas to express creativity in this otherworld.

''My grandparents tales of Kodama return to me. Spirits from Japanese folklore - dwellers of the deep forest who come to our rescue when we are lost in the darkness of their woods. If we have shown respect for nature. If we have accepted our human responsibility.

I have always shared the traditional Japanese belief that spirits are everywhere, particularly in nature. For me the truth of our universe can be found in the wilderness even, and maybe especially, when you are lost.''

Noe Kuremoto


Noe Kuremoto was born in Osaka Japan, and graduated in Fine Art with First Class Honours from Central Saint Martins College of Art. She works and lives in London with her family, including sausage dog Lassie.

Height: 50cm, Width: 37cm, Depth: 13cm

Stoneware, finished with a matt frost white glaze

Handmade in London

As with any handcrafted object, please handle with love and care. Hand wash only.

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