Broken Beauty Stoneware I

Broken Beauty Stoneware I

Vessel by Reiko Kaneko

Broken Beauty Stoneware I is one of the vessels under the collection of ‘Beauty In The Broken’ by Reiko Kaneko.

Reiko Kaneko has always been fascinated with cracks and fissures – how nature seeps into every manmade object. As Reiko states 'The world is not made of perfect spheres, cubes and straight lines, but is broken, pot marked and uneven'. This concept has never been more relevant than today.

After reading Reiko's blog on kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repair, LFS' Creative Director Marzena Joseph commissioned Reiko to create a collection of ikebana vessels for the LFS Shop. The vessels are inspired by the notion of 'beauty in the broken' and the acceptance of transience and imperfection (wabi-sabi).

This carefully curated collection incorporates Reiko's journey through tests and failed samples resulting in the beautiful final vessels.

'As I stand on the shoulders of all who have come before me, I present my failures, my imperfections and hope for the future.' - Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko

The Artist

Reiko is a ceramicist, designer and educator based in London. She works at various scales in a range of typologies, designing both products for manufacture and bespoke pieces for commissioned projects. The focus of her working practice is on mastery of material and form.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, she founded creative studios both in London and Stoke-on-Trent alongside teaching part-time on the MA Ceramics course at Staffordshire University. Reiko is a passionate advocate of both creativity in education and industry.

Plinth Size:
Plinth Height: 9cm, Width: 25cm, Depth: 19cm

Bowl Size:
Bowl Height: 2.5cm, Width: 15cm

Glazed black bone china bowl on a black stoneware plinth.

Cast black bone china bowl. Black stoneware plinth is hand-built, fused with stoneware shards and glazed.

As with any handcrafted object, please handle with love and care. Hand wash only.

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