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Dutch Masters Floral Workshop

Students at LFS are encouraged to take inspiration from the vibrant world around them, and in London, the arts are never far away. In our one-day Dutch Masters Floral Workshop, we draw on the rich heritage of the Dutch Golden Age and the influence it has had on floristry.

Artists such as Wellem Kalf, Rachel Ruysch and Jan van Huysum rose to prominence in the 16th and 17th centuries. Their work provides students with many topics for exploration, such as their eminent gardens and the prominence of expensive rarities such as lemons in their paintings.

Using Dutch Masters as reference, this class is designed to foster your creativity, and cultivate your imagination within floristry, helping you to reimagine your own aesthetic boundaries as you engage with the masterpieces produced in the era.

You will learn how to select and combine flowers that represent the chosen artists’ concept and vision. We'll demonstrate how to blend colour and texture, and explore techniques to create impact. These lessons will culminate with the creation of a distinctive table arrangement, and a large-scale vase design, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your own interpretation of the works studied.

Some experience in floristry is beneficial on this course but not essential.


  • 10am – 4pm, with a break for lunch.
  • All materials included.
  • Tea and coffee provided throughout the day.
  • All London Flower School courses are taught in English.
  • You must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking.