London Flower School

Inspired by Art

This four-day floristry course explores intersections between three forms of visual art: floristry, painting, and photography. Some previous experience of flower arrangement is preferable, but not essential. More important is a willingness to explore and innovate the boundaries of traditional floristry.

The major movements of the fine art world are a wellspring of creative inspiration. Students will interact with these movements and embody the themes they connect with in floral arrangements. At the core of this course is a study of three fundamental areas that inform all visual art: concept, colour, and form.

The course will be delivered through exercises that intertwine the artistry of different movements with the practical skills of a florist. Treating each movement as a concept, students will follow their inspiration and express them through flowers. At completion, students will have built an understanding of colour theory, and will be able to choose suitable palettes for any occasion. They will learn how to apply the techniques of composition to practical settings, like weddings or contract floristry. And they will have developed their ability to draw inspiration from the visual arts to design their own floral creations.

Students will also be given a comprehensive introduction on how to style and photograph their work. They will learn the compositional difference between a floral arrangement and a floral arrangement to be photographed. They will understand the importance of light properties and context within which floral arrangements are captured, learn practical techniques on smartphones and image editing software, and experiment with a wide range of backgrounds, props, and makeshift equipment.

This photography training will result in the understanding of a vital commercial skill, as well as a selection of photography from the course for each student’s professional portfolio.


  • 10am–4pm, with a break for lunch.
  • All materials included.
  • Tea and coffee provided throughout the day.
  • We will accept a deposit to secure your place. We’ll ask for full payment a month before the start of the floristry course.
  • All London Flower School courses are taught in English.
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